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Salarius is a cancer-focused biotechnology company developing treatments for patients who need them the most.

Our technology targets the epigenetic causes of cancer which is the study of the regulatory system that controls how genes are turned “on” or “off.” In certain cancers, the proteins that regulate gene expression become dysregulated and incorrectly turn genes “on” or “off,” which in some cases leads to cancer progression. Drugs that are able to safely modify the activity of these epigenetic regulators may correct the gene changes that are driving disease. Our technology may also apply to hormonal cancers such as prostate, breast, ovarian cancer and perhaps other conditions like leukemia.

Salarius is the recipient of a 3-year $18.7 million Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) New Company Product Development award, is housed in the Jlabs@TMC facility in Houston, Texas and receives support from organizations like the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

News & Events

January 15, 2021


NobleCon17: Panel Discussion on Targeted Cancer Therapies

During the Noble Capital Markets’ 17th Annual Small & Microcap Investor Conference, Dr. Daniela Santiesteban, Director of Research and Business Development at Salarius Pharmaceuticals, will participate in a virtual panel discussion highlighting the future of targeted cancer therapies. The panel takes place Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 8:35 am ET. More information on the conference and the panel discussion is available at .


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